5 Keys Mobile App

Everything you love about 5 Keys, including our custom branding, now in the palm of your patient’s hand!

The Program You Love

The 5 Keys Mobile App puts our proven AR program in the palm of your patient’s hand. As with all of our 5 Keys tools, the mobile app is branded to your clinic. Our cute canine mascot, Henry, will keep your patients entertained as they learn successful communication strategies and so much more! Patients learn in different ways so adding the 5 Keys Mobile App to your Handbook and Online Program offerings gives every patient easy access to critical education that sets you apart from the competition.

Branded to Your Practice

Just like the 5 Keys Online Program, the 5 Keys Mobile App is designed to keep YOU at the top of your patients’ minds.  Your clinic logo, your headshot, your social links, and your Google reviews link all remind your patients that YOU are the expert!

Weekly eLessons

Each eLesson provides bite-sized information that is easy for patients to read and remember. Weekly notifications remind them when it is time to pop into their app for their next eLesson.  The app also allows our more motivated patients to proceed through the eLessons at a faster pace and to pick and choose which environment they’d like to learn about. 

Each eLesson includes:

  • Communication Tip
  • Practice Activity
  • Hearing Aid Tip
  • Your Custom Closing with Headshot and Social Links

Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Guide

Links to instructional, maintenance, and troubleshooting videos and documents for all of the major hearing aid manufacturers.

Communication Games & Activities

The eLessons are designed for quick and easy completion. For patients who want more, the Activities button will take them to simple games and activities that reinforce key learnings and teach them more about hearing aid technology.

Links to Resources

Patients need to know that they are not alone in their hearing loss journey. The Resources button will keep patients connected to the hearing loss community and introduce them to reputable programs for continued training and education. It also gives them access to the 5 Keys Successful Communication Plan to track their progress.

Notification Reminders

Life can get busy so the 5 Keys Mobile App gives patients a friendly pop-up reminder when it’s been a week since they completed their last eLesson.

Personal Dashboard

Your clinic’s dashboard allows you to see who has downloaded your app and how many lessons they’ve completed.

Available for Android and iPhone

Find the 5 Keys Mobile App on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Custom Branding Because YOU are the Expert

Stay top-of-mind with your patients every time they open their 5 Keys Mobile App!

Your Logo

Your clinic’s logo is at the top of  every page in the app!

Your Social Links

Easy access to your website and favorite social media platform.

Your Closing

Your custom closing message at the end of each eLesson.

Your QR Code

A custom QR code connects patients to your clinic’s branded app.

Your Headshot

Your headshot is included in  your custom closing.


Your Patients

Connect with all your patients! Unlimited enrollments included.

Pricing and Getting Started

Affordable pricing so everyone can offer this exciting new resource!

The 5 Keys Mobile App can be used as a stand-alone for $599/yr or added to your annual Online Program Subscription for just $249/yr. By using the programs together you are providing your patients multiple options for all of their auditory rehabilitation needs. No two patients are the same, and offering the Patient Handbook, Online Training Program, and Mobile App together enables you to reach every patient in their personal comfort zone.

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