The Aural Rehabilitation Solution for Busy Hearing Care Providers

Three Challenges…

As hearing care providers, we do our best to provide the educational and counseling components of aural rehab, but we face three very real challenges:

Unrealistic Expectations: Patient expectations have increased exponentially with recent technological advancements, which can be a recipe for disaster if proper education and counseling have not occurred.

Lack of Clinic Time: Our time is often monopolized by the technological aspects of our treatment.  While the new technology is wonderful, there is no denying the fact that it takes more time to fit modern hearing aids, leaving little time for education and counseling.

Lack of Compliance: Patients have already invested time and money into their hearing loss treatment and are often not willing to devote any more resources to the aural rehabilitation process.

…One Solution

As an audiologist, I’ve faced these same challenges, and I’ve spent the past decade designing and refining a program that conquers them all.  5 Keys to Communication Success is an a-la-carte aural rehabilitation program that includes online education, a patient handbook, and support materials.  These can be used together as one comprehensive aural rehab program, or they can be used individually to supplement the services you are already providing.  And the most exciting part of this program is that everything can be branded to your practice, making it clear to your patients and your community that YOU are the expert!

It educates the patients and the family members about their responsibilities in the treatment process.

It literally takes no clinic time as all of the education can occur outside of the appointment.

The program is affordable (less than $10/patient), automatic (online training delivered to patients via weekly emails), fun (colorful images of our canine mascot, Henry), and proven (satisfaction ratings that are 2-3 times better than industry averages).

Online Communication Training Program

Do you feel like your patients struggle to remember what you’ve taught them during their visits with you? Well, they have! Our brains are designed to take in new information in bite-sized pieces. However, we throw the entire puzzle at our patients during their short visits with us and wonder why they have forgotten important parts. This information overload can result in dissatisfied patients, inefficient appointments, and costly returns for credit.  The 5 Keys Online Communication Training Program is the easy solution.

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Our Products

We are proud to offer a variety of products to make it easy and affordable for you to provide comprehensive aural rehabilitation for every patient.  The year-long program teaches your patients everything they need to know in order to be successful with their hearing aids. From realistic expectations to hearing aid maintenance to effective communication strategies; we’ve covered it all! The coolest part is that every piece of the 5 Keys program can be customized to your practice so patients know YOU are the expert!


We are committed to helping hearing care professionals provide amazing patient care.  To this end, we are happy to offer free aural rehab training and tools as well as information about other AR resources that can benefit your patients and your practice.  Along with other resources, we are pleased to provide free 5 Keys counseling tools within this website. These two powerful forms can be used alone or in conjunction with the other 5 Keys resources.  We love AR and we are here to make it easy for both you and your patients.

Free Handbook!

Online Training Branded Specifically to and for your Practice

399The 5 Keys Online Communication Training Program is designed to be an education and counseling lifeline for your patients as it slowly “drips” important information to them via automatic weekly emails for an entire year. No logins or passwords for you or your patients to remember. One simple sign-up and we take care of the rest. The year-long program teaches your patients everything they need to know in order to be successful with their hearing aids. From realistic expectations to hearing aid maintenance to effective communication strategies; we’ve covered it all! The program even includes interactive questionnaires, worksheets, and activities to keep patients engaged and help them apply what they’ve learned. And the best part is that every part of the online program is branded to your practice. The weekly emails come from your email address and replies go to you. Your logo is at the top of every email. And every email ends with your custom closing message that includes your photo, your contact information, and your review builder and social media links. With the 5 Keys Online Training Program, YOU are the expert (despite the fact that you don’t need to lift a finger after you’ve enrolled your patient!). Just $59/month and a one-time design fee of $199 pays for a comprehensive aural rehabilitation program for all of your patients. No other program is this easy, this effective, and this affordable. This is what you’ve been waiting for, so click the button below to get started today.

5 Keys to Communication Success Patient Handbook

With more than 50,000 copies in print, the 5 Keys to Communication Success handbook has been educating patients for almost a decade and continues to be the “go-to” patient education resource for hearing care practices around the US and the world.  The handbook can be used alone or as a supplement to the 5 Keys Online Training Program.  It systematically educates patients and their family members about realistic hearing aid expectations, the importance of communication partner involvement, and effective communication strategies.

With bright colors and fun pictures of our program mascot, Henry, the Healthy Hearing Hound, the handbook teaches patients the 5 Keys to Communication Success: Speaker, Listener, Environment, Technology, and Practice.  The handbook even includes Successful Communication Plan worksheets so patients can create personalized communication plans for their most challenging environments.  And just like the online program, the handbooks can be branded to your practice with your logo on the back cover and a customized first page that includes your logo, your custom introductory paragraph, and your clinic’s contact information.  This customization also makes the 5 Keys patient handbook a powerful marketing tool.