Online Communication Training Program

The easy, effective, and affordable way to provide AR to your patients.

You know that AR is a critical part of our treatment process.

You know that it sets you apart from the online, big box, and OTC retailers.

You know that AR increases patient satisfaction and reduces return rates.


But how do you find the time for it?

How do you get patients to actually do it?

Find out here 👉

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Easy, Fun & Proven

No logins or passwords for you or your patients to remember. One simple sign-up and we take care of the rest. And patients love the bright colors and fun pictures of our canine mascot, Henry. Perhaps this is why compliance with the 5 Keys program is 2-3 times better than other reported compliance ratings for AR programs.


The year-long program teaches your patients everything they need to know in order to be successful with their hearing aids. From realistic expectations to hearing aid maintenance to effective communication strategies; we’ve covered it all!  The program even includes interactive questionnaires, worksheets, and activities to keep patients engaged and help them apply what they’ve learned.

Branded to Your Practice

The best part is that every part of the online program is branded to your practice. The weekly emails come from your email address and replies go to you. Your logo is at the top of every email. And every email ends with your custom closing message that includes your photo, your contact information, and your review builder and social media links.  With the 5 Keys Online Training Program, YOU are the expert (despite the fact that you don’t need to lift a finger after you’ve enrolled your patient!).

Affordable ($99/mo or $999/yr*)

One low fee pays for unlimited patient enrollments. So the more patients you sign up for the 5 Keys program, the less you are paying per patient! Choose to pay monthly ($99/mo) or save money by paying annually ($999/yr).   (*Note: There is a one-time $200 customization fee.)

Monthly Reporting

Receive monthly reports with details about the success of your 5 Keys Online Training Program including number of patients enrolled, email open rate, and click rate.

No other program is this easy, this effective, and this affordable. This is what you’ve been waiting for!

Providers love this program!

I have been so impressed with the 5 Keys Program. The links and additional information are outstanding and I feel so wonderful that our practice can now easily share this information with patients.

Nimet Adam, AuD @ Hearing Partners of South Florida

What’s included in each weekly eLesson?

The 5 Keys Online Program delivers a weekly email to all your enrolled patients for an entire year to provide vital information in bite-sized form!

Click each + to learn more about what is included in the weekly eLessons.

Your Clinic Customizations

Each weekly eLesson will be emailed from your email address and go to your patient with your logo, your closing box and photo, and your social links! Completely customized and branded to your clinic!

Strategies to Communicate Effectively

Every week your patients will receive strategies and tips about how they and their loved ones can communicate more effectively.

Hearing Aid Tips & Tricks

Every weekly eLesson has a new Hearing Aid Tip from cleaning & maintenance to special features, and more. We even include a handy hearing aid troubleshooting guide!

Technology Information

They will learn about all of the technologies available to help people with hearing loss; from companion microphones to amplified phones, we cover it all!

Games and Activities

Fun games and activities help to reinforce key learnings.

Resource Links

We include links to helpful consumer organizations like the Hearing Loss Association of America. We also provide information and links about computerized auditory training programs like LACE and Amptify.

The 5 Keys Online Program is now integrated with CounselEAR, Blueprint Solutions, and HearForm for even easier patient enrollment. Check out the videos below to learn more.

CounselEAR Integration

Blueprint Solutions Integration

HearForm Integration

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