FREE 5 Keys Digital Sample Pack

Get a feel for the 5 Keys products with this awesome pack of digital resources

What’s Included?

Sample 5 Keys Handbook

The 5 Keys to Communication Success handbook has been used by hearing care providers across the globe for nearly a decade to provide education and counseling to their patients.

5 Keys Needs Assessment

Designed to address the most commonly reported challenging listening situations, this useful worksheet can be used during the initial consultation to determine each patient’s communication needs.

Successful Communication Plan

Encourages patients to use what they learn in the 5 Keys Handbook and Online Program.  It also serves as a good reminder that hearing aids are only one piece of the treatment puzzle.

Sample Online Program eLesson

The 5 Keys Online Program is designed to slowly drip critical information on your patients every week for an entire year.  It includes worksheets, games, and resources making it a comprehensive solution.  The proven email delivery system ensures excellent patient compliance.

5 Keys AR Newsletter

Our goal is to make AR easy and fun for both you and your patient.  The 5 Keys AR newsletter will give you simple tips, tools, and resources to help you provide awesome AR to your patients.  It will also keep you up-to-date on 5 Keys products and specials.  You can unsubscribe anytime.  Check out our Privacy Policy.