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We’ve designed 5 Keys to be the EASIEST and most EFFECTIVE patient education tool in your toolbox!  This page will give you everything you need to get the most out of this valuable program.  

Enrollment Link

You received your unique enrollment link via email.  Save that somewhere safe because it is your ticket to the 5 Keys program!  If you every need it again, you can request it via email to

You will use that enrollment link to sign patients up for your 5 Keys Online Communication Training Program.

  • If you have CounselEAR or Blueprint Solutions, please watch the corresponding video below to learn where that enrollment link needs to be used for their respective integrations.
  • If you have a different OMS, you can simply bookmark the enrollment link in your internet browser or add it as a hyperlink somewhere on your website for easy access.  We can also provide you with the embed code if you want the actual enrollment form to be on your website.


Terms of Use

You agreed to our Terms of Use when you enrolled in the program, but if you want to review them at any time, you can find them HERE.


Bonus Resources Just for You!

We’ve put together a Google folder full of awesome resources for you.  You can access it by clicking the button below.  Inside you will find:

  • 5 Keys PowerPoint Template:  This is great for group AR classes or community presentations.
  • Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Guide:  This great tool is included in each of your weekly eLessons, but if you’d also like to embed it on your website, you’ll find the embed code in this folder.
  • 5 Keys Page for your website:  This folder contains the HTML code and images to create your own 5 Keys webpage so your current and prospective patients can learn about this fabulous resource you provide!  Here’s an example.
  • Patient Postcard:  We’ve created a simple postcard that can be used to introduce the 5 Keys Online Communication Training Program to your patients.  The file for this postcard is in the Google folder so you can use it to print your own postcards with a printer of your choice. If you prefer to purchase the postcards from us, you can order them from our Product Page.
  • 5 Keys Placemat:  This easy to use placemat is an easy print-out to use in your office to introduce the program to your patients.

*Note that these resources are ONLY available to clinics actively subscribed to the 5 Keys Online program and any other use will be considered a copyright violation.

The 5 Keys Online Program is integrated with CounselEAR and Blueprint Solutions.  The videos below will explain exactly how to implement the integrations.

Your weekly eLessons can be a powerful marketing tool when posted to your business Facebook page! 

Watch this video to learn how 👉 

We even created a cute little graphic that you can use when posting eLessons to your Facebook page.  Click on it to download it to your computer for future use.

Success Tips 

    • The program should be presented as part of the treatment process.  In other words, patients are enrolled individually after you have verbally introduced the 5 Keys program to them. 

    • IMPORTANT:  For HIPAA compliance, we implement a double opt-in system.  Once you have enrolled your patients, they will receive an email that asks them if they want to receive your Online Program emails.  They MUST click the green “Subscribe” button in that email in order to be added to your program, so it helps to mention this to patients at the time you enroll them.  

    • If you want to make the Online Training available to all of your current patients, it is most effective to send out an email describing the 5 Keys (sample text below) and include the enrollment link for patients to enroll themselves if they so choose.

    • Decide WHO in your office is going to sign patients up and at WHICH VISIT this will happen.  Consistency is the key to remembering this important part of your treatment process!  I recommend enrolling patients before or at their fitting appointment because the Week 2 Lesson talks about realistic expectations and we all know how important it is for our patients to set those early on!

    • eLessons 2 and 53 contain links to the 5 Keys Needs Assessment.  When your uber-motivated patients complete these, their responses will automatically be emailed to you.  I recommend printing these responses, or saving them to their electronic record so that you can compare their Week 2 responses to their Week 53 responses and document their improvement.

    • The Program is great for tested-not-sold patients! “I understand if you aren’t ready to purchase hearing aids yet, but you mentioned some communication challenges and we have an excellent online program that will help you and your family to overcome some of those challenges. We’d be happy to include those at no additional charge (or set a small fee).”  By doing this, you are providing an incredible value to the patient every week and staying at the top of their mind…when they are ready, they will come back to you!

    • The most important tip I can give is to make sure you are presenting both the book and the Online Program as important parts of your unique communication rehabilitation program.  Remember, there are 2 reasons you are investing in the 5 Keys books and Online Program:  

    1) To provide excellent patient education that encourages your patients to play an active role in their treatment process

    2) To set your clinic apart from all the competition…currently there are very few clinics using the 5 Keys Online Program with their patients…you are VERY unique!  Use that as a “selling” point when you are getting your patients signed up.  The value they see in the book and Online Program comes directly from the way YOU present it.  “This information is critical to your success with your hearing aids.  It is imperative that your communication partners learn it too.” (sign those spouses and/or kids up for the program as well). 

    Sample Text for eBlast or Website

    Despite the incredible advancements in hearing aid technology, the fact remains that hearing aids are only one piece of the communication puzzle.  As a patient of our clinic, we are proud to introduce you to an excellent new program called 5 Keys Communication.  It is designed to help you overcome frustrations associated with hearing loss and has produced positive results for tens of thousands of people.  Through a series of weekly emails, you will learn the 5 Keys to Communication Success.  These quick and fun eLessons will teach you how to apply the 5 Keys to your most difficult listening situations.  Each tip will also include helpful information about the care and use of your hearing aids as well as other important resources.  The greatest part about these weekly eLessons is that you can share them with your family members and friends who might also benefit from the information.  In fact, half of the lessons are written for the people in your life who need to do their part in communicating clearly so that you can better understand them.  So we encourage you to share them with everyone who talks to you on a regular basis!  This awesome new resource is now available to all of our patients.  In order to claim your subscription to the 5 Keys Online Communication Training Program …. (call to action here). 

    As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any support.  The best way to reach us is via email at

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