Terms of Use: 5 Keys Content for Social Media


The 5 Keys Communication images and copy are based on the book, Frustrated by Hearing Loss? 5 Keys to Communication Success.  The images and copy may be used as social media content per the terms outlined below.

Rights and Responsibilities of Cut to the Chase Communication

  1. Provide (to customer and/or customer’s social media manager) copy and images for weekly social media content.
  2. Collect monthly Digital Use Fee for duration of content use.
  3. Monitor customer’s social media pages to ensure that 5 Keys content is only being used by paying accounts, and that it accurately portrays the successful communication strategies taught in the book.
  4. Terminate monthly charges and revoke all rights to the 5 Keys content if monthly fees are not paid or if Cut to the Chase Communication deems the content is being misrepresented.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Customer

  1. Pay monthly digital use fee to Cut to the Chase Communication.
  2. Create social media content as desired with the 5 Keys copy and images provided, and post such content at customer’s discretion.
  3. Content may not be shared, in any matter, with outside entities.
  4. Content may only be used as long as the monthly Digital Use Fee is being paid.  Use of the content at any other time will be considered a violation of copyright law and appropriate legal action will be taken.

Copyright Notice

The 5 Keys to Communication Success copy and images are the sole property of Cut to the Chase Communication.   This agreement allows for the use of such content as long as the above terms are met.