Communication Emails

Consistent communication creates raving fan customers and new leads.

Patients are often overwhelmed by the technical aspects of their treatment and don’t remember the education and counseling we’ve provided during their visits.  This is why consistent follow-up is so critical to ensuring patient success.

We know this can be a difficult and time-consuming process, so we’ve taken care of it for you!  Our weekly e-Tips actively engage patients and reinforce new skills.  We will deliver a Communication eTip to your enrolled patients every week for an entire year.

You have 2 eTip options…

Standard eTips

Free for clinics purchasing handbooks

We’ll send you an email with the enrollment link when you place your first order

Contains one communication tip per week

Branded to the 5 Keys program

Comes “from” Henry the Healthy Hearing Hound and the 5 Keys email address




Customized eTips for Patient Follow-up and Social Media Marketing

Branded to your practice

Your logo at the top

Your customized closing message

Your clinic’s contact info

Comes from your clinic’s name and address

Expanded content…each week contains:

Communication tip related to one of the 5 Keys

Homework assignment related to the tip

Hearing aid use or maintenance tip

Linked to your social media accounts for automatic weekly community education & marketing

Can be easily integrated into your current email and social media marketing strategy


If you would like to implement the Customized eTip program, please complete the form below and we will contact you to go over pricing and determine the best strategy for your practice.