AutoShip Program

  • Level 1

    5 Patient Handbooks per Month
    $8.95 Each

  • Level 2

    10 Patient Handbooks per Month
    $7.95 Each

  • Level 3

    20 Patient Handbooks per Month
    $6.95 Each

  • Level 4

    40 Patient Handbooks per Month
    $5.95 Each

The AutoShip Program is for those providers who are committed to using the 5 Keys Counseling approach with every patient. It provides the greatest benefit for the best price. AutoShip Members pay NO annual fee and receive the following benefits:

  • Patient handbooks delivered to your doorstep every month. Eliminate the hassle of placing orders and submitting payments. Your AutoShip payments will process automatically each month unless you advise us otherwise.
  • Choose the AutoShip Level that works best for your practices’s individual needs. We’ll help you determine which level is right for you, and you are welcome to change levels at anytime.
  • Significantly reduced pricing and free shipping on patient handbooks and support materials.
  • All AutoShip members have full access to 5 Keys Communications eTips – weekly emails that we’ll send to your patients for an entire year to reinforce the 5 Keys to Communication Success.
  • Participation in our Member Referral Program: receive 10 free patient handbooks for each referral that becomes an AutoShip Member.
  • Access to our website’s Member Portal: a password-protected site where members access training and printable resources.


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