Custom eTips for Email and Social Media Terms of Use

The customized eTip program provides 52 weekly eTips that are designed for each individual practice to provide follow up patient education via email, community outreach and marketing through social media.

Rights and Responsibilities of Cut to the Chase Communication

  1. Collect Design Fee for the design and creation of the customized eTips.
  2. Communicate with the practice representative to obtain all information needed to create the eTip proof.
  3. Create and modify the initial eTip proof template to the client’s satisfaction.
  4. Upon client approval of template, create all 52 eTips according to the template.
  5. Initiate the recurring automatic monthly hosting charge (dependent on number of active eTip subscriptions) using the client’s credit card on file via, the merchant services provider for Wells Fargo Bank.  The monthly charge will occur on the 2nd day of each month.
  6. Protect the customer’s payment information by maintaining PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance through TrustWave.
  7. Provide sales receipt for each monthly eTip hosting charge via e-mail.
  8. Provide customer with their unique enrollment link.
  9. Provide training videos via e-mail for:
    1. E-tip enrollment
    2. Posting eTips to Facebook
  10. Provide eTip graphic via e-mail for social media posts.
  11. Provide 30-minute remote in-service for staff if requested by customer.
  12. Deliver 52 weekly eTips to each enrolled patient.  Patients may be enrolled as long as customer is paying the monthly hosting fee.  Should customer choose to cancel their monthly subscription or place it on hold (see #10 and #11 below), the enrollment link will no longer be active to sign up new patients.  However, previously enrolled patients will continue to receive their remaining eTips to complete the 52 eTip series.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Customer

  1. Pay Design Fee for creation of the customized eTips.
  2. In a timely manner, provide all information requested to develop the eTip proof.
  3. Review the proof and request any changes.
  4. Once eTip proof has been approved, understand that all 52 of the eTips will be created following the same template.
  5. If changes are requested after the 52 eTips have been created, customer will pay an additional design fee, price dependent on the design time required to make the requested changes.
  6. Pay the monthly eTip hosting fee via recurring automatic billing for the duration of the subscription: price dependent on number of active subscriptions on the last day of the prior month.  Charge will occur on the 2nd day of each month.
  7. Alert Cut to the Chase Communication via phone of any changes to credit card number or expiration date at least 7 days prior to that month’s recurring billing day.
  8. Enrollment link will remain active to enroll patients for the duration of the subscription.
  9. Maintain subscription for a minimum of 12 months.
  10. Customer may cancel eTip subscription by sending a cancellation request via e-mail to only after 12 months of recurring billing.  Upon cancellation:
    1. The eTip enrollment link will no longer be active.
    2. Patients enrolled prior to cancellation will continue to receive their remaining eTips to complete the series of 52 eTips.
  11. Customer may put their subscription on hold for any amount of time after the initial 12 months. While the subscription is on hold, enrollment link will not be active but previously enrolled patients will continue to receive the remainder of their eTips.
  12. Customer may post links to the eTips on social media.

Copyright Notice
The 5 Keys to Communication Success eTips are the sole property of Cut to the Chase Communication.   While the eTip web links may be shared to social media, the content may not be re-produced in any shape or form without the express written consent of Cut to the Chase Communication.