Step 1: Education




The patient guidebook is the backbone of the 5 Keys Communication counseling program.  It provides a fun, easy, and effective way to educate our patients without using valuable clinic time.

There are 2 ways to use the guidebook:

1.  Purchase the books at special bulk order pricing, and integrate them into your current counseling program.

2.  Enroll in our AutoShip Program to receive books on a monthly basis, and enjoy significantly reduced pricing along with many other benefits, including access to Step 3 of our program: Henry’s Successful Communication eTips.

Most clinics also sell the books at full retail price from the front desk.*  This creates an extra income source and provides education for:

  • patients who aren’t candidates for amplification but express frustration about communication breakdowns
  • patients who aren’t emotionally or financially ready to pursue amplification at this time
  • patients who want to share this education with friends, co-workers, and family members with whom they struggle to communicate

*Note: Many clinics report that for every 1 guidebook they give to a patient as part of a new hearing aid fitting, they sell 10 at full retail price from the front desk.

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