3 Simple Steps

 Step 1: Education


Patient satisfaction starts with patient education.  Our handbook educates patients about:

1. Appropriate hearing aid expectations

2. Importance of family member involvement

3. Successful communication strategies




“At last, a book that truly tells it like it is…”

“…offers constructive, realistic solutions discussed in an environment-specific format.”

Robert W. Sweetow, Ph.D.

University of California


 Step 2: Action


Successful Communication PlanPatients create Successful Communication Plans

for each challenging listening situation.

This helps them to use what they learn in the book

and involve family members in the process.





 Step 3: Follow-up

eTips logoWe know that it takes time and follow-up for patients

to create new communication habits.

Henry’s Successful Communication eTips provide just that.

Your patient will receive a short weekly email that reinforces

the concepts they learned from the patient guidebook.


(Available to AutoShip Members only)



Successful results


Consistent education and counseling results in

more satisfied patients, fewer returns,

more word-of-mouth referrals, and fewer follow up visits.

This creates more time and revenue for your practice…

who wouldn’t want that?